Somebody was offended, so "Christmas" was expelled from school calendar


Despite an outcry from parents, a Massachusetts school district is refusing to restore the word "Christmas" to the school calendar. "The battle began September 9 when Marshfield School Committee voted 3-2 to change the calendar name, drawing the ire of some local residents who have implored officials to reverse course — a request that has been denied, according to Wicked Local," reports Billy Hallowell for the Blaze. "Residents who are unhappy with the change were vocal at a recent committee meeting, claiming that the amendment is indicative of religious intolerance."

“By censoring our children from Christianity or any other religious belief, you are not allowing them to learn to live in a diverse setting and to respect other beliefs,” said local resident Rossanne Lopez. “Christmas is the reason for the vacation. Let’s call it what it is — Christmas Vacation.”

Another resident named Elaine Taylor — who brought a petition with 443 signatures on it calling for “Christmas” to be returned to the district’s vacation schedule — added, “It sends a message that anything Christmas is off limits.”